Is cloud BMS the direction of future BMS development?

2021-11-22 09:22:49 POWER GEN 24

BMS is equivalent to the nanny of the battery. It mainly completes: monitoring, management, protection, communication and other tasks. The monitoring requires the use of wires to collect data such as voltage and temperature. It also requires a module to complete the data collection and communication. Therefore, the BMS must have a corresponding locally. 

The cloud BMS in question should be considering whether to put calculations in the cloud, that is, numerical calculations (SOC, SOH) and management calculations (balance, thermal management) are strengthened with the help of cloud computing power. This is the advantage of the cloud. Can be combined with each other. LTW is making related attempts.

Taking into account the maximum protection response speed, the protection still has to be placed locally. Therefore, pure cloud BMS does not exist. BMS that combines physical and cloud will develop in the future. Automotive BMS will be integrated into vehicle controllers, and energy storage BMS will be integrated into EMS. This is true in a broad sense, because Integration helps speed up information efficiency and optimize costs. But even if it is integrated, the role played by BMS is still irreplaceable, and engineers in BMS design and development are still useful. In the energy storage industry, some manufacturers have begun to integrate PCS and BMS, which is also a trend.

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