The function of lithium battery protection board and MOS tube.

2021-10-21 08:40:40 0

A while ago, a household in Gulou District, Nanjing, caused three deaths in a fire accident when the battery was charged at home. Everyone still has their memory. Recently, all parts of the country have paid more and more attention to the problem of battery car charging. In fact, an important part of battery car charging is the lithium battery protection board and the lithium battery management system BMS.

The lithium battery is mainly composed of two parts, the lithium ion battery cell and the lithium battery protection board PCM. Lithium-ion batteries form the battery pack, and the lithium battery protection board is composed of integrated ic, MOS tube, resistor, capacitor and PCB board. In the safe and normal operation of electric vehicles, the lithium battery management system and battery protection board play the biggest role.

The key functions of lithium battery protection board:

1. Overcharge protection

2. Overcurrent protection

3. Overcurrent maintenance

4. Overcharge and discharge maintenance

5. Everything is normal.

In the lithium battery protection board, the key is to maintain the integrated IC and MOS tube.

The function of MOS tube in lithium battery protection board is:

1. Tested battery charging

2. Detect overcharge and discharge

3. Detect over-current when charging the battery

4. Detect overcurrent during charging and discharging

5. Detection of overcurrent when short-circuit fault occurs.

Therefore, whether the lithium battery is safe or not, the key lies in the detection of the MOS tube. In addition to the detection function, the MOS tube in the lithium battery management system has the following functions:

1. Make the battery life longer

2. Restrict the battery pack to be used in a safe environment, and let the battery pack stop working in a harsh environment to avoid damage.

3. Detection of overcurrent during battery charging.