Accurate evaluation of battery management system

2021-09-25 10:16:31 0

The battery management system can perform in-depth evaluation of the battery system status based on the monitored information, which mainly includes the following aspects:

1. State of charge: It can be simply understood as the remaining available power of the battery. You may have encountered a similar situation when using your mobile phone-it clearly shows that there is still 20% of the battery, and the result is suddenly turned off. If the battery management system of an electric vehicle cannot accurately calculate the remaining power, the consequences will not be as simple as not being able to make calls and not being able to browse Moments. Wrong power information may cause the driver to misjudge the cruising range and cause the vehicle to break down during driving. Therefore, it is very important to accurately assess the state of charge.

2. Power boundary: that is, analyze the maximum power that the current battery can output/input, so as to "notify" the maximum capacity of the vehicle or rechargeable battery at this moment, ensuring high performance while also taking into account the service life.

3. Health status: Provide an effective basis for battery maintenance and replacement by evaluating battery life status.

4. Fault status: The battery management system will remind users according to the severity of the fault and analyze the optimal processing strategy.

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