How to activate the lithium ion battery protection board?

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How to activate the lithium-ion battery protection board?

The field effect transistor used in the lithium-ion battery protection board is used as the protection element. In order to ensure that the battery will not be reconnected to the circuit when abnormal, the circuit is specially designed. The method is that the power supply of the control part of the protection circuit is the power supply behind the protection field effect tube, and the circuit will only work after the protection tube is normally turned on. Therefore, when it is used for the first time or after protection has occurred, the protection circuit cannot work because the power supply of the subsequent circuit is disconnected and the circuit has no power supply. There is no output from the battery. At this time, only when the battery is connected to the charger, the charger is used to supply power to the control circuit part of the protection circuit, and the control part is energized to work, the lithium-ion battery can be used normally.

Lithium-ion battery protection board activation method: If the protection board is activated after current limiting protection, it may be activated after charging or completely disconnecting the load, then it is more troublesome, but you can also set B- (battery negative) and P -(Discharge negative) Short-circuit and touch, the protection will be released, remember not to carry a large load when short-circuiting and touch (for example, turning it and twisting it all the time), otherwise there may be a lot of sparks. The fundamental reason is protection. A large voltage difference is formed at both ends of the post-discharge MOS. A short touch is to directly reset the DS level of the discharge MOS to 0V, and the protection is released at this moment.

Now not all lithium-ion battery protection boards need to be activated, but some protection ICs need to be activated, and this is the old IC method, the old IC method. This is why this is done to make the protection board inoperative and reduce Electrostatic discharge energy, so that lithium-ion batteries can be stored longer. This is why the design is activated by charging.

How to activate the battery in general

Activation process 1: The lithium battery that has just been used generally has remaining power, so don't charge it at this time. Put the battery into the product and use it normally until the battery is too low to turn on at all.

Activation process 2: The first time you charge, it is best to use the original charger to charge, and it is better to turn off the charge. For the convenience of use, many people do not turn off the charge, which is not conducive to activating the lithium battery capacity. And remind everyone to continue charging for more than 12 hours and less than 15 hours. If the prompt is full during this period, don't bother to unplug it, let it keep charging all the time!

Activation process 3: After the first full charge, if it is used normally until it cannot be turned on. You can press the second procedure again to continue the operation!

Activation process four: complete discharge, complete charge (ie repeat process two and process three) repeated three times. At this time, the battery is activated successfully and can reach the best capacity state.

Note: Lithium-ion batteries are often activated at the factory, so do not activate the buyer again. It is recommended not to use universal chargers during the activation period. If it reaches the normal period of use, the universal charger is unnecessary. Because the original charger is the most suitable. Universal charger, current unstable, and lithium-ion battery voltage does not necessarily match, it may accelerate the aging of lithium battery.