Basic functions of polymer lithium ion battery protection board

2021-09-03 09:04:30 0

We all know that in practical use, lithium polymer batteries are prohibited from overcharging and discharging. Charging and discharging beyond the standard battery will affect the safety and service life of the battery. Using a battery charged or discharged with a higher current than the standard will lead to thermal fusion, serious leakage or fire, endangering the safety of life and property, Therefore, in the actual work of polymer lithium-ion battery, there should be a safe protective measure to prevent the risk caused by misuse of polymer lithium-ion battery. The polymer lithium ion battery protection plate shall have the following basic functions:

1. Over discharge protection: when the lithium polymer battery is running out of power, the voltage reaches the required minimum value, the protection plate is closed and can no longer discharge, and the product stops automatically to form over discharge protection.

2. Overcharge protection: when the polymer lithium ion battery product is charged, when the charging voltage reaches the maximum voltage (4.2V), the protection board will automatically power off and close, indicating that the battery will not continue to be fully charged. Formation of overshoot protection.

3. Short circuit protection: in case of accidental short circuit of polymer lithium-ion battery, the protection board will automatically close within a few milliseconds without power supply. At this time, the positive and negative electrodes will also be connected freely to form short-circuit protection and will not cause explosion.

4. Overcurrent protection: when the lithium polymer battery is discharged, the protection board has the maximum current limit. Different products are different.

5. As well as the safety fault prevention function design and anti-static impact design of the polymer lithium-ion battery protection plate itself.

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