The Dilemma of Domestic Battery Management System BMS

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The development of new energy vehicles has not been smooth sailing. In the past two years, with the large-scale promotion and use of new energy vehicles, we have also heard a lot of “scandals” about new energy vehicles: spontaneous combustion, false cruising range, etc., and why What about these usage problems? Not using a battery management system or using inferior and immature battery management systems are the main reasons. In fact, the safety of new energy vehicles has always been one of the key tasks of the government and the automobile industry. Not long ago, four ministries including the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Development and Reform Commission have jointly issued the "Safety Order" for the demonstration and promotion of new energy vehicles (ie the "Letter on Strengthening the Safety Management Work for the Demonstration and Promotion of Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicles"), emphasizing "All plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles put into demonstration operation shall be equipped with a real-time monitoring system (BMS for short) for vehicle operation technical status, especially to strengthen the monitoring of the working status of power batteries and fuel cells."

Spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles

There are many reasons for the spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles, and it is not possible to sit back and relax after installing a battery management system. For example, in terms of safety, accuracy, life, discharge capacity, etc., a single battery can be charged and discharged 2000 times, and may only be 1000 times after forming a battery pack. If equipped with immature BMS, it is impossible to accurately monitor the battery charging and discharging status in real time. It is very easy to cause excessive local power consumption of the battery cell, generate local heat, and information cannot be transmitted to the driver, which can easily lead to battery spontaneous combustion. Industry insiders believe that installing an excellent battery management BMS can effectively improve battery utilization, prevent battery overcharge and overdischarge, and extend battery life, monitor the battery pack and the operating status of each battery cell, and effectively prevent batteries In case of spontaneous combustion, the driver will be warned of emergencies in advance in case of an emergency, so as to gain time for safety.

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