What exactly does the battery management system BMS do?

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What exactly does the battery management system BMS do?

The battery management system BMS is a new product that was born in this century. Because the electrochemical reaction is difficult to control and the material performance changes in this process are elusive, it is necessary for such a housekeeper to constantly supervise and adjust the behavior of the battery pack. To ensure safe use, its main functions are:

1. Accurately estimate the state of charge of the power battery pack

Accurately estimate the state of charge (SOC) of the power battery pack, that is, the remaining battery capacity, to ensure that the SOC is maintained within a reasonable range, and to prevent damage to the battery due to overcharge or overdischarge, so as to predict hybrid power at any time How much energy is left in the car's energy storage battery or the state of charge of the energy storage battery.

2. Dynamically monitor the working status of the power battery pack

During the battery charging and discharging process, the terminal voltage and temperature of each battery in the power battery pack, the charging and discharging current and the total voltage of the battery pack are collected in real time to prevent the battery from overcharging or overdischarging. At the same time, the battery status can be given in time, the problematic battery can be selected, and the reliability and efficiency of the entire battery group can be maintained, making the realization of the remaining power estimation model possible. In addition, it is necessary to establish a history file of each battery to provide information for further optimization and development of new types of electricity, chargers, motors, etc., and to provide a basis for offline analysis of system failures.

3. Balance between single cells

That is, the single battery is charged in a balanced manner, so that each battery in the battery pack reaches a balanced and consistent state. Equalization technology is the key technology of a battery energy management system that is currently being researched and developed in the world.

What are the characteristics of the technologically advanced BMS currently on the market?

Advanced technology and stable and reliable products will be the core characteristics of future BMS products. So what kind of products are technologically advanced, stable and reliable products? Because the BMS standards of major domestic companies are still not unified, take the BMS performance characteristics of Shenzhen Guoxin Power as an example, and explain from the four dimensions of technology, function, quality, and standard specifications.