A brief explanation of the charge equalization function of the lithium battery protection board

2021-08-26 11:08:27 0

When we make lithium battery protection boards, we often ask customers if they need the function of charge equalization. So what is charge balance? Charge equalization, abbreviated as equal charge, is the charge to balance the characteristics of the battery. It refers to the imbalance of the battery terminal voltage due to the individual differences and temperature differences of the battery during the use of the battery. In order to avoid the deterioration of this imbalance trend, It is necessary to increase the charging voltage of the battery pack and activate and charge the battery to balance the characteristics of each battery in the battery pack and prolong the maintenance method of the battery life.

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After understanding what the charge equalization function is, how do we choose whether to include this function in the production of lithium battery protection board?

1. It is necessary to bring balance: when the battery pack is produced and stored for a long time, due to the different static power consumption of each protection board and the different self-discharge rate of each battery cell, the formation of the entire battery string battery The voltage is inconsistent, so there is an obvious pressure difference, but when the capacity is consistent, the equalization has the function of equalizing the voltage of the battery pack, so as to achieve the effect of full charge and full discharge of the battery pack capacity, so that the battery pack can play a big role. effect.

2. The situation where the balance does not work: Many people think that the balance of the battery pack is effective in the middle and later stages of use. In fact, when the battery pack is used in the middle and later stages, due to the different capacity losses of each battery cell, a capacity difference is caused. , It is impossible to make up for the cell capacity by the equalization of the protection board. On the surface, the voltage of each string of the battery pack is the same, but due to the inconsistency of the capacity, the single string cell with low capacity is often over-discharged and protected during charging and discharging. Overcharge protection, so the capacity of the battery pack is reflected in a single string of cells with low capacity. Therefore, we should understand that the protection board balances the voltage, and the capacity cannot be supplemented.

3. The contradiction in equilibrium: equilibrium generally has two elements:

A: Balanced turn-on voltage setting: If the balance voltage is set to low, the protection board will be turned on for a long time, and the balance effect will be more obvious. However, the protection board will generate heat while balancing. The longer the balance time, the more heat will be generated, which directly affects the protection board. The performance or the protection board is damaged; the equalization voltage setting is high, the equalization opening time is short, and the equalization effect is not obvious.

B: Equalization current setting: The equalization current setting is larger, the equalization effect is obvious, but the equalization generates heat and will damage the protection board; the equalization current setting is small, the equalization effect is not obvious, and the equalization time is short.

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