What are the classifications of lithium battery protection boards?

2021-08-16 10:10:23 0

Many people know little about the lithium battery protection board. They don't know what classification structure the battery management system has. Some friends don't know how to choose the BMS. Today, LTW, which specializes in producing lithium battery protection board, takes everyone to understand the classification of the protection board.

According to the applicable battery type, the protection board can be divided into three types: ternary lithium BMS, lithium iron phosphate BMS and lithium titanate BMS.

Ternary lithium BMS:

In the protection board industry, the protection board of ternary lithium battery is the most conventional attribute, the most common in the market, the largest demand, and the most popular attribute of our company. So it's our main specification.

Lithium iron phosphate BMS:

Lithium iron phosphate protective board also occupies a high proportion in the market. Although it is more popular than many ternary lithium, it is also a very common specification in the industry, and the market demand is absolutely there. It is a must product of our company.

Lithium titanate BMS:

Lithium titanate is a relatively popular specification in the market, and it is also the product with the lowest sales volume in our company. However, since few peers do this specification, others do not. We do, which naturally becomes our advantage.

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