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With the rapid development of the new energy industry, power lithium-ion batteries are widely used in base station energy storage, UPS, electric vehicles, as well as power tools, bicycle scooters, electric motorcycles, solar street lights, inverters, sprayers, model airplanes, and fascia guns , Intelligent equipment and other market areas. Compared with lead-acid, nickel-hydrogen nickel-cadmium batteries, lithium-ion batteries have irreplaceable advantages. It has no memory effect, low self-discharge (less than 1/20 of nickel-hydrogen batteries), many cycles (lead-acid is generally 400 times, while iron-lithium batteries can reach 2000), long service life; can be charged and discharged at high rates, Fast charging, stable discharge when working with high current; light weight, small size, energy density about 6 times that of lead-acid batteries, single working voltage is about equal to the series voltage of 3 nickel-cadmium batteries or nickel-hydrogen batteries; green and environmentally friendly, It does not contain heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, and mercury. In practical applications, the power lithium-ion battery pack must be equipped with a dedicated protection circuit, so the power lithium battery protection board is used to ensure the safety of the lithium-ion battery, battery capacity, and service life.

According to the different functional characteristics of the lithium-ion battery management system and the different use occasions, it can be divided into power lithium battery management system, consumer lithium battery management system, digital lithium battery management system, medical care lithium battery management system, and security lithium battery management system. Battery management system, electric heating lithium battery management system, etc.

Power BMS is the abbreviation of power lithium-ion battery pack management system protection board, which is a PCB circuit board that protects the power lithium-ion battery pack.

The main function of the power lithium battery protection board is to provide power safety management for motors, energy storage equipment and other equipment.

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