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Shenzhen Litongwei Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Basic information:

Factory area: 10000 square meters

Number of employees: 600 (college or above accounting for 40%)

Date of establishment: September 2005

Production address: Building C, Baifuli Industrial Park, Longhua Dalang Street, Shenzhen, China

Main products: Hardware BMS, Software BMS with Fuel Guage for Digitals Products,Electric Bikes/Scooters/Motorcycle, Energy Storage, AGV and Other Lithium Powered Devices.

Shenzhen Litongwei Electronics Technology Co., Ltd (LTW) established in 2005, A 16-year experienced professional BMS(lithium battery management system) designer & BMS manufacturer in Shenzhen China. More than 20000Sqm Dust-free Workshop, 500+ employees and an excellent R&D Team. We are certified as a National High-Tech enterprise and got ISO9001 and ISO14001 approved. 

LTW’s main products are Lithium ion Battery Management System (BMS). We have a product group covering almost the entire field, from li-ion battery protection board BMS, polymer lithium-ion battery protection board BMS, lithium iron phosphate lifepo4 battery BMS, from 1S 2S digital product battery PCM, to 3S-24S (3S 4S 5S 6S 7S 8S 9S 10S 11S 12S 13S 14S 15S 16S 17S 18S 19S 20S 21S 22S 23S 24S) power battery pack management system BMS, we have a complete process of customization, design, testing, mass production. Software battery protection board, hardware battery protection board, we have a team of more than 30 design engineers, can customize the li-ion battery software protection pcb board with communication interfaces such as CANBUS RS485 SMBUS UART I2C. Our products are widely used in mobile phones, cameras, laptops and other digital electronic products,  power tool battery pack protection circuit pcb boards, electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric motorcycle battery management system BMS, electric vehicle EV battery BMS, etc.

Strong technical strength is the guarantee for the survival of LTW, and advanced production equipment guarantees product quality, with a monthly production capacity of up to 100,000 PCs. LTW BMS enjoys a high reputation in China and abroad for its fine production management and strict quality control management system. "Excellent quality, professional service" is our consistent aim and pursuit. Welcome to Litongwei factory inspection, and is willing to cooperate with you for a long time.

16 years BMS supplier in ShenZhen, China.

Main production equipment

We have 12 PCBA production lines and 24 mounters, with a monthly production capacity of 15 million pieces


Main Test equipment

The company has a reliability laboratory, which can meet the reliability test requirements of lithium ion battery protection board (BMS)


Quality Control

Product quality is related to our survival, and quality control is a link we attach the most importance to.


Office address in China

Head office address: Bldg C, Baifuli industrial park, Shenzhen 518109, China

Production base address: NO.2 Changlonghua street, Huangjiang, 523766 Dongguan, China

Tel: +86-755-81489958

Phone Number(What'sAPP): +86-13392169903 (Mr. Ethan)

Email: [email protected]; [email protected];

Order online: https://lt-power.en.alibaba.com/


After Sales Service

Hotline: +86-755-81489958

Email: [email protected]

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