Frontiers of Science and Technology: Why do lithium batteries have to add a protection board?

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Lithium battery protection board market prospects

During the use of lithium batteries, overcharging, overdischarging and overdischarging will affect the battery life and performance. In severe cases, it will cause the lithium battery to burn and explode. There have been cases of mobile phone lithium battery explosion causing casualties, and IT often And mobile phone manufacturers recalled products with lithium battery safety issues. Therefore, each lithium battery must be equipped with a safety protection board, which is composed of a dedicated IC and several external components, which can effectively monitor and prevent damage to the battery through the protection loop, and prevent combustion and explosion caused by overcharge, overdischarge and short circuit. And other dangers.

Principle and function of lithium battery protection board

The short circuit of the lithium battery has a great risk factor. The short circuit will cause the battery to generate a lot of current and also generate a lot of heat, which will seriously damage the service life of the battery. If it is more serious, the heat generated will cause the battery to burn and explode. . The protective effect of the customized lithium battery protection board is that when a large current is generated, the protection board will be turned off instantly, so that the battery will no longer be energized and will not generate heat.

Lithium battery protection board functions: there are overcharge protection, discharge protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, the protection board of the integrated solution also has drop protection, in addition, it can also be equipped with equalization, temperature control and soft switching functions.

If you need to customize the lithium battery management team and lithium battery protection board, then you need to determine the following aspects.

1. Determine the battery type (lithium ion, lifepo4, Lithium titanate), and determine how many series (connected) or parallel (connected) the cell battery resistance is

2. Determine whether the battery pack is charged at the same port or split port, the same port is the same line for charging and discharging, and the split port is independent of the charging and discharging lines.

3. Determine the current value required by the protection board: I=P/U, that is, current=power/voltage, continuous working voltage, continuous charging and discharging current, and size.

4. Whether the balance function is needed, balance is to make the battery voltage of each string of the battery pack not much different, and discharge through the equalizing resistor, so that the voltage of each string of batteries tends to be consistent.

5. Whether NTC temperature control protection is required, the battery pack is protected by detecting the temperature of the battery through NTC.

Lithium ion Battery Protection|smart bms|pcb|48V bms|electric bike BMS

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Main features of LTW lithium battery protection board

1: Original imported chip

2: TVS upgrade protection

3: NTC electronic temperature control

4: Support personalized customization

Litongwei lithium battery protection board application field

Applications: AGV, industrial vehicles, forklifts, high-speed electric motorcycles, ball carts, low-speed four-wheeled vehicles and other medium and large-scale high-current power batteries.