The role of battery management system on electric vehicles

2021-10-09 08:45:48 0

The battery management system is very important for electric vehicles. It is related to the safety of the vehicle. The battery management system (BMS) of electric vehicles is an important link used to connect the vehicle power battery and the electric vehicle. According to the main function of the battery management system, The main functions of the rechargeable lithium-ion battery management system include real-time monitoring of some parameters of the battery, and at the same time, the charging and discharging of the battery can be controlled through such a management system. In simple terms, the charging and discharging of the power battery of electric vehicles, Endurance and service life depend on the battery management system.

Through the function of the battery management system, it can be seen that the battery management system is equivalent to the central nerve of the battery for the battery, used to adjust and control the internal voltage of the battery, and optimize the performance of the battery pack according to the structure type of the system. At the same time, Prevent overcharging, over-discharging, over-temperature, over-current, etc. of single battery.

According to the charging and discharging characteristics of most electric vehicle power batteries, the charging and discharging of the power battery has different effects on the structure of the power battery and the internal related positive and negative materials, which means that when the battery is working, the internal battery The situation is also different. Through the structural structure, the power battery management system plays an adjustment role in the entire battery pack working process, which is equivalent to the electrical energy ECU processor.

For the BMS battery management system, when the voltage and temperature of the battery are outside the set range, it is necessary to intervene in the management of the battery and control the work of the power battery to ensure the safety of the battery in charging and discharging, and there are many batteries in the battery system. Connecting in series requires multiple channels to collect battery voltage, and BMS can solve this problem. On the whole, it has the advantages of optimizing the internal voltage of the battery for the electric vehicle battery management system, making the car safer.

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