Knowledge of lithium battery protection board

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The role of lithium battery protection board

Charge and discharge protection for series-connected lithium battery packs.

The main components of lithium battery protection board

The protection board usually includes control IC, MOS switch, resistor, capacitor and auxiliary device NTC, ID memory and so on. Among them, the control IC controls the MOS switch to turn on under all normal conditions, so that the cell communicates with the external circuit, and when the cell voltage or loop current exceeds the specified value, it immediately controls the MOS switch to turn off (tens of milliseconds). Protect the safety of batteries. NTC is the abbreviation of Negative temperaturecoefficient, which means negative temperature coefficient. When the ambient temperature rises, its resistance decreases. The electrical equipment or charging equipment is used to respond in time and control internal interruptions to stop charging and discharging. ID memory is often a single-wire interface memory. ID is the abbreviation of Identification, which means identification, and stores information such as battery type and production date. Can play a role in product traceability and application restrictions.

The working principle of lithium battery protection board

The protection function of lithium battery is usually completed by the protection circuit board and current devices such as PTC. The protection board is composed of electronic circuits, which can accurately monitor the voltage of the cell and the charging and discharging circuit at all times under the environment of -40℃ to +85℃. Current, timely control the on and off of the current loop; PTC prevents severe damage to the battery in high temperature environments.

Ordinary lithium battery protection boards usually include control ICs, MOS switches, resistors, capacitors and auxiliary devices FUSE, PTC, NTC, ID, memory, etc. Among them, the control IC controls the MOS switch to turn on under all normal conditions to make the cell and the external circuit conduct, and when the cell voltage or loop current exceeds the specified value, it immediately controls the MOS switch to turn off to protect the cell’s Safety.

When the protection board is normal, Vdd is high level, Vss and VM are low level, DO and CO are high level. When any parameter of Vdd, Vss, VM is changed, the level of DO or CO will be Changes.

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