Does 18650 lithium ion battery need battery protection board?

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Not only 18650 lithium-ion batteries, to be precise, all lithium-ion batteries must be used, it is important to do a comprehensive management of the battery's overcharge, overdischarge, short-term warranty, etc. You may be the same as water and container. When the faucet is turned on (battery charging), there is no protection, and the faucet is not turned off, water will continue to flow into the container (charging), and when the container is not full, the water is still flowing and will overflow.

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18650 lithium ion battery protection board

As for lithium-ion batteries, we all understand that if you do not manage and control them, they will continue to charge, exceeding 4.2v, until they explode. This is what we call overcharging. Similarly, if the discharge is continuous, the battery will be less than 2V. In this case, the user cannot charge, and the battery is basically scrapped. However, for professionals, the battery can be charged at low current. So there must be some protective measures. There are over-current insurance, short-term insurance and so on. I won't go into details. 750MA lumens discharge, the battery has a discharge platform. It is recommended not to use the charger when charging, because there is a protective plate when charging, which will not overcharge.

What is the difference between 18650 lithium ion battery with battery protection board and without battery protection board

1. The height of cells without plates is 65mm, and the height of cells with plates is 69-71mm.

2. Discharge to 20v, if the battery reaches 2.

3. Touch the positive and negative poles. If the battery does not respond after 10 seconds, it means there is a protective plate and the battery is hot. If there is no protective plate.

Note: The third test is unprofessional. Don't do this experiment, because it may cause a very powerful explosion and cause irreparable personal injury, especially those encountered by inferior batteries.

A method to determine whether the 18650 lithium ion battery has a protective plate

Method 1. The length of the 18650 lithium ion battery is 650mm, and a circular protective plate is provided at the negative electrode of 1mm or more;

Method 2. The short-circuit current of the 18650 lithium-ion battery is tested in real time through a 10A or 20A ammeter. If the reading of the ammeter is instantaneous and quickly becomes zero, this means that the 18650 lithium-ion battery has a protective plate.

Before 18650, lithium-ion battery packs must be filtered. Different customers require 18650 battery lithium-ion battery packs to be completely different, because the production of lithium-ion power lithium batteries in 18650 has a high degree of automation, good stability, and high replaceability, which can effectively reduce production. Cost, labor saving, the unique advantages of modularity and standardization of the 18650 battery system development are unparalleled. However, everything has two sides, and the coexistence of advantages and disadvantages is a normal state of things. In addition to the above advantages, the disadvantages of the 18650 lithium-ion battery pack cannot be ignored. At present, the biggest disadvantage of 18650 lithium-ion batteries is the low capacity of a single battery, generally around 2~4Ah. Therefore, a complete electric car requires a lot of batteries. For example, Tesla needs 7000 to 8000 18650 lithium-ion batteries to be reliably connected to the module. Therefore, with such a large number of batteries, the requirements for battery management consistency are getting higher and higher. In the field of multi-series combination such as electric vehicles, the inconsistency of the battery will affect the performance of the battery and even bring safety hazards.