What kinds of lithium battery protection boards are there?

2021-08-19 16:25:55 0

We all know that a lithium battery protection board needs to be added to the lithium battery or inside to prevent the battery from overcharging and overdischarging, and the protection effect has been achieved. So what types of lithium battery protection boards are divided into? We can classify from the following aspects:

1. Divided from the overcharge and overdischarge function of the battery

If it is divided from the charging and discharging performance of the battery, the protection board can be roughly divided into two types, one is a single function, that is, a single function is to protect the battery from overcharge, or to protect the battery from overdischarge, and the other is Two-way protection, with overcharge function and overdischarge function at the same time. At present, the dual-item protection board is more widely used than the single-item protection board!

2. Divided from the combination of battery packs

The different series and parallel modes of lithium battery packs also directly lead to different lithium battery protection boards. Battery packs can be roughly divided into two categories: series and parallel. Series battery packs are used to increase the overall voltage, while parallel battery packs are It is to increase the overall capacitance. Therefore, the lithium battery protection board is also divided into two types according to the two connection modes of the battery pack.

3. From customer requirements

Lithium battery protection boards are used in various fields, but each field has different requirements for voltage and current of lithium battery packs. It is also because of different parameter requirements that it is necessary to change the internal components of the lithium battery protection board. , To change the specific parameters of the protection board.

4. From the quality of the board

The board of lithium battery protection board is divided into hard board, which is commonly known as hard board, this kind of board is currently the most commonly used; the opposite is soft board; there are single-layer boards; corresponding multilayer boards; and double-layer boards; These are the five most basic types of plates. If these plates are combined in different ways, they will be divided into more types.

5. Divided from the positive and negative materials on the board

The position and number of the positive and negative hardware pieces on the board also determine the different types of protection boards.