What is a BMS?

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BMS battery management system is commonly known as battery nanny or battery housekeeper, mainly for the intelligent management and maintenance of each battery cell, preventing the battery from overcharging and overdischarging, prolonging the service life of the battery, and monitoring the status of the battery.

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The BMS battery management system unit includes a BMS battery management system, a control module, a display module, a wireless communication module, electrical equipment, a battery pack for powering electrical equipment, and a collection module for collecting battery information of the battery pack. The BMS battery management system is respectively connected to the wireless communication module and the display module through the communication interface, the output end of the acquisition module is connected to the input end of the BMS battery management system, and the output end of the BMS battery management system is connected to the control module The control module is connected to the battery pack and electrical equipment respectively, and the BMS battery management system is connected to the Server through the wireless communication module.

What is the composition of BMS?

The battery management system is closely integrated with the power battery of the electric vehicle. The voltage, current, and temperature of the battery are detected in real time through sensors. At the same time, it also performs leakage detection, thermal management, battery balance management, alarm reminders, and calculation of remaining capacity (SOC) , Discharge power, report the battery deterioration degree (SOH) and remaining capacity (SOC) status, also use algorithms to control the maximum output power according to the battery voltage, current and temperature to obtain the maximum mileage, and use the algorithm to control the charger for the best current For charging, real-time communication with on-board master controller, motor controller, energy control system, on-board display system, etc. is carried out through the CAN bus interface.

BMS is mainly composed of BMU master controller, CSC slave controller, CSU equalization module, HVU high voltage controller, BTU battery status indication unit and GPS communication module, from small to master-slave integrated electric tools, electric bicycles, electric forklifts, and intelligent robots. , IOT smart homes, light hybrid vehicles, master-slave separated electric vehicles (pure electric, plug-in hybrid), electric ships, etc., and then to the three-tier energy storage system.