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LTW BMS with I2C Communication 15A Continuous Discharge with NTCs for 7S to 13S 24V/36V/48V Lithium ion Batteries

GP13S040 is a Smart BMS 7S to 13S with I2C Communication can Support 15A Discharge Current, 2*NTC Thermal Sensors.It can show your battery SOC,Voltage,Current and Temperature.

  • Model:LT-GP13S040
  • Cells Series:7S-13S
  • Dimensions(mm):74.2*50
  • Continuous Discharging Current:15A
  • Communication Protocol:I2C
  • Input Charging Voltage:4.2V/3.65V*Series
  • Battery Type:Lithium ion|Li-Polymer|LiFePO4
  • Working Temperature:-10~65℃