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LTW 12V 100A Hardware Solution Lifepo4 Battery BMS

4S 12V LiFePO4 Battery BMS 100A with NTC Thermal Sensor, it can support the same battery packs in series. E.g there are the same 4PCs 12V 100Ah battery packs with our BMS,then you can make a 48V 100Ah Lithium battery pack.

  • Model:LT-P04S003
  • Cells Series:4S
  • Dimensions(mm):156.6*94.5*1.6
  • Continuous Discharging Current:100A
  • Input Charging Voltage:14.6V
  • Battery Type:Lithium ion|LiFePO4
  • Working Temperature:-10~65℃
  • Common or Separated Ports:Common